In Progress


I wanted the shape of the body to look like a fender p-bass, but with a little more jazz. Large sweeping curves make the guitar look chic and hopefully comfortable. This is a large and heavy guitar, so I wanted to do everything I could to give the instrumentalist best control. I extended the front horn, where the strap connects, to give more leverage to support the heavy neck and head stock. Another method I used to minimize the weight of the headstock is by moving the center of gravity of the body back. This gives the guitar a groovy profile and hopefully mitigates arm and hand strain. 

I chose to not implement frets thus creating a fretless bass.

Materials and Hardware

Wood for the body is cherry. The fretless neck (bought online) is made from maple and rosewood with inlay. The electronics were custom made to emulate the sound of a 1960's p-bass. The tuning pegs and bridge are nearly identical to that of a fender p-bass. I installed a bone nut to help the instrument's sustain.